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PRIGM presents a holistic hardware-based cyber security platform for automotive industry

For more Trustworthy Connected & Autonomous Vehicles; Grid Infrastructures; Transportation & Mobility Solutions


Hardware Security Module (HSM) Series

Stregthened with symmetric/asymmetric cryptographic functions, hashing, true random number and crypto-key generation, and key management

  • Network/Cloud HSM

Secure Gateway Family

for Point-to-Point secure communication

  • Midi-1
  • Midi-2
  • Authentication & Authorisation

    Stregthened with FIDO-Compliant multifactor authentication for persons, "things" and vehicles

    • Mini SecureStick (Authentication Token)
  • Customware Solutions

    Stregthened with authorised on-board access control

    • CANAT Secure CAN-bus Authentication Device

Complementary Solutions

  • Standardised web & mobile services

  • Monitoring over cloud

  • Crypto-as-a-Service

  • Authentication-as-a-Service

  • Blockchain-as-a-Service

Ready for new Regulations and Standards towards Cyber-Resilient Automotive

We give consultancy, share our experiences and deliver cyber security platform solutions for your easy compliance with:

  • UN Regulation No. 155 - Cyber security and cyber security management system UN Regulation No. 156 - Software update and software update management system
  • Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment (TARA) for developing mitigation plans and cyber security recommendations
  • Standards ISO26262, ISO/IEC 15408, Autosar, SAE, SEIS, C2C-CC, ISO/TC 204, ETSI TS 102 940/941, IEC 62508
  • PRIGM – designed for improved cyberphysical resilience

    PRIGM is our multi-purpose Hardware Security Module (HSM) with 1 Gbit/sec true random number generation throughput that is equipped with advanced symmetric/asymmetric cryptographic algorithms, hashing, key generation & management, and other digital security features.

    We propose the highest level of cyber-physical security starting from the edge where the data is first generated and covering any IoT-enabled complex digital system holistically.

    To learn more about PRIGM features, click here

PRIGM relies on advanced techniques and innovations

PRIGM innovators have applied advanced techniques for true random number generation based on metastable ring oscillators and chaotic analyses that are verified with novel cryptanalysis, unpredictability, robustness, and reliability analyses.

PRIGM has adapted FPGA-level implementations and chip-level design to enable AES, 3DES, ECDSA, RSA, and SHA algorithms resulting in a very high-throughput and cost-effective HSM.

The underlying technology relies on patented technologies listed below.

  • To view the Evaluation Tool, click here
  • Verification & Validation of the Cryptographic Backend of PRIGM

    ERARGE has proposed an active cyber-physical resilience solution based on the verification and validation of hardware-based cryptographic tools.

    The proposed approach relies on assuring security and privacy protection starting from the physical layer where the data is generated.

    The proposed solution is advanced with a vulnerability analysis scheme to verify and validate the cryptographic components utilised within the cyber-physical system. The innovation here is to assure that true random number generation is realised by assuring the non-deterministic randomness, unpredictability, reliability and robustness criteria presenting a fully-trusted cryptographic key and secret generation. This approach has been realised over hardware-based cryptographic devices, like PRIGM.

    This work has been implemented in a landmark European Project, VALU3S, and can be accessed via the following link.

    The proposed V&V solution can also be used for other True Random Number Generator Schemes available either in the market or in literature.

Offered Services

Integration of PRIGM Solution Family for On-board and Cyber-Physical Transportation Systems

Consultancy and System Design based on Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment (TARA)

Technical Feasibility Analysis aligned with UNECE R155/R156 and Cyber Security Standard

Integration, Deployment, Testing Validation, and Maintenance

PRIGM – proven with reference projects

PRIGM has been deployed in top Horizon 2020 and EUREKA ITEA projects in various domains: Finance, insurance, automotive, mobility, eHealth, railway transportation, smart cities, smart factories, critical infrastructure protection, and decentralised blockchain infrastructures

  • VALU3S

    Verification and Validation of Automated Systems’ Safety and Security

  • Critical-Chains (H2020)

    IoT- & Blockchain-Enabled Security Framework for New Generation Critical Cyber-Physical Systems in Finance Sector

  • Safety4Rails (H2020)

    Data-based analysis for SAFETY and security protection FOR detection, prevention, mitigation and response in trans-modal metro and RAILway networkS

  • TIoCPS

    Trustworthy and Smart Communities of Cyber-Physical Systems.

  • BIMy

    Building Information Modelling in City

    Winner of ITEA Award of Excellence in the Innovation category (2021)

    Read the official press release

  • C³PO

    Collaborative City Co-Design Platform

    Winner of ITEA Award of Excellence Business Impact (2018)



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